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Harmony Day Support believes we are called to provide encouragement and support to adults and adolescents with various levels of disabilities. The environment focuses on building upon the unique individual strengths of those we serve.

Our services focus on whole-person development both inside our facility and outside within the community. It is our goal to provide caring, personalized attention and opportunities that help each individual be the best they can be.

Who We Serve

Harmony Day Support serves adults and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Typical diagnoses include:


Blind and Visually Impaired

Cerebral Palsy

Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Developmental Disabilities

Down Syndrome

Intellectual Disabilities

Learning Difficulties

Multiple Sclerosis

Perceptual and Neurological Disabilities

Physical Disabilities

Spina Bifida

Traumatic Brain Injury


Some of our individuals have co-occurring diagnoses falling within emotional, physical, and/or mental disabilities.

harmony day support social development photo with dog and administration director

Social Development

Social and emotional changes show the independent differences an individual goes through daily. At Harmony Day Support we encourage social development through peer and staff relationships, cultural background, day support interaction, as well as family and community expectations. The social development program focuses on relationships, emotions, self-control, compromise and coping with change.

woman at Harmony Day Support counting money as part of academic support

Academic Development

At Harmony Day Support our challenge is to create an environment that is designed to meet the unique changes of our individuals. Our focus is to grow and develop each individual’s capacity to help themselves with decision making, sensory development, and further independent living skills.
male adult learning independent living skills at harmony day support

Independent Living

Our goal is to assist our individuals by helping them learn, grow, and nurture relationships with their peers and actively participate in the community around them. Opportunities to clean, shop, cook and volunteer are necessary skills for independent living.
harmony day support staff in lynchburg va working with adolescent to provide support

Young Adult Support

Our staff is experienced in helping adolescents and young adults by providing individual plans in a structured environment. Harmony provides safe, secure, well-supervised programming. Individuals are shown how to work in various settings.
harmony day support employment preparation for man with social disabilities in wheelchair

Spiritual Development

Harmony Day Support proudly supports the unique contributions of our individuals to both their families and community. Our staff plays a significant role in providing support to our individuals on many levels. We offer various opportunities for our individuals to participate in community and spiritual-led activities that take place both at Harmony and within the community.
harmony day providing spiritual support in lynchburg virginia

Employment Preparation

At Harmony Day Support we strive to create an environment that supports vocational awareness. Our staff discusses work prospects and required job skills. Our individuals experience opportunities to view various job types. understand the standards of work performance and what’s required to pursue employment. We seek to empower each individual to pursue employment and volunteer projects in areas of interest and skill levels.

Waiver Support

In partnership with the support of "Moms in Motion," Harmony Day Support is proud to be able to provide Medicaid Waiver support to individuals with disabilities or special medical needs. Our Waiver Support Program can help you or your family navigate the system through our service facilitation.

Medicaid waivers provide a variety of supports and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families who need long-term support systems in order to function in everyday life.