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need to be

Our ride services are offered by the state. In order to see if you qualify, please talk to your case manager.

Harmony maintains several buses and vans for Community Engagements. We pick up and take home some of our clients. While this service is offered, please note that there is a lengthy waiting list. We maintain our own routes and you must be on a current route to be considered for our vehicles.

All of our buses and vans are ADA compliant and well maintained.

If you are not on one of our routes, we will work with you to get a ride from ModivCare!

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Harmony Day Support offers a variety of services that provide encouragement and support to adolescents and adults with various levels of disabilities. Our services are the backbone of our organization and how we are able to not only interact with each individual but also a way for us to measure and track improvements in daily living.

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