Dear Families, Participants, and Coworkers:

Harmony Day Support is doing our part to help slow the spread of the Corona Virus.

Although we do not at present have any staff or participants who have been infected (to our knowledge), a proactive plan has been in place to reduce any possible passing on of any infection that could eventually hinder services within our organization. Harmony has gone to great lengths to ensure our individuals, staff, and visitors are healthy, happy, and safe. We are in full compliance with the CDC, and the Virginia Department of Health, and continue to monitor and receive updates from each. The following outline are the measures we have been regularly taking and continue to take regarding COVID19.

We have instituted intensified sanitation measures for all staff, participants, buildings, and vehicles, including for staff working in or visiting our individuals. We have developed protocols to screen individuals and anyone arriving at Harmony with either a cough or shortness of breath, and our policy is that anyone with a fever will be asked to remain home for a minimum of 14 days. Where possible, we are allowing administrative and supervisory staff to work from home to reduce the concentration of people at Harmony. We have had several meetings with our staff to provide key reminders daily on proper hygiene, hand washing, and daily cleaning of high traffic surfaces and areas. We have limited community outings to those in open areas such as parks, and outdoor recreational areas to reduce involvement and interaction with the public in order to reduce exposure to others who may be infected.

I am asking all who partner in providing support to our clients, to be vigilant and to exercise caution, so that together we can minimize the possibility of anyone spreading the virus. At Harmony we take very seriously the health, happiness, and safety of our staff and the individuals we serve. To this end, please let us know if you or your loved one is feeling ill, and please have a plan in place to provide the supports that will be necessary during any subsequent period of quarantine. With everyone doing their part, we should be able to continue, without significant disruption, the support services our clients and families have come to depend upon.


Andy Coleman Ed.D

Executive Director